Customer Spotlight – Kathy Ryan Designs


We are so pleased to start to highlight some of our loyal customers Etsy shops, social media accounts or websites.  They are always showing us their beautiful creations and we wanted to share these with everyone!  Congrats to Kathy and Jennifer for being our very first!

  • Name:  Jennifer Higgins & Kathy Ryan
  • What is your Etsy Shop, Website, etc name:
    •  KathyRyanDesigns
    • SwapPillows is the name of the pillows and will come up in the search box
    • – coming soon
  • What is your sewing/craft specialty:
    • Pillow covers that allow you to swap them out for each holiday, season, occasion or mood
  • Do you sell your products or just create for fun:
    • We sell them – we also give them as gifts
  • Do you have social media accounts?
    • Instagram = Swappillows
    • Pinterest – there’s a board called “SwapPillows”
  • Which of our 3 locations is your go to KMIS?
    • The Carrollwood store is closest to us – Have been to the Kennedy store a few times
  • Tell us anything else you would like us to know about your favorite sewing project, business, social, etc.
    • We’ve known each other for over 25 years (worked together in Baltimore, MD – both eventually moved to Florida) and have supported each other through our various career moves and life changes and challenges. Shopping for Christmas throw pillows gave us the idea because we didn’t want to have to store something so bulky – and voila – SwapPillows was born! We both learned to sew back in the days when everyone had Home Ec class in Middle School and learned the basics of sewing.